The Gospel of the Kingdom

Mathew 4:23 – Mathew 9

Jesus calls people to submit to him as Lord, but Jesus always claims that submitting to him as Lord will be in our best interest. Submitting to him will be a restful place, a place in which you will not be harassed, and Jesus will have your best interest in mind. He will care for you.

Is this still the gospel of the kingdom today? Do we live today as if all that Jesus said and taught is true?

Mathew 5:2-12 – we call these verses “the beatitudes.” Jesus shows us in these verses that there are times that life will “not be ok.” Jesus doesn’t just say that he will fix everything for us.

  • We are to be grieved by the same things that grieve God.
  • When we are stressed out by life it is easy to move out of meekness and respect for other people.
  • Jesus is living your life with you.

God is alive and is working still today. He can and work with you, within you and through you.