The Righteous Tongue

James 3:1-18, Proverbs 25:11, Colossians 4:6

There are lots of “taste receptors” on our tongues that pick up the intricacies in the flavor of things. The tongue is there for many things having to do with eating. It is also there of course for speech. It would be very difficult to speak and enunciate clearly without our tongues.

Today we have lots of ways that we can communicate. In the day of James however most communication would have been done verbally. Although James is speaking of the verbal sense of communication most of these things would apply to communication in general.

There are many negative examples of people using their tongue. There are, on the other hand, many examples of good done with the tongue as well.

1 Timothy 5:13, Luke 6:45 – The tongue is the bodies instrument of expression. It doesn’t act on its own, it is an expresser of what is in the heart.

As a brotherhood, when brothers are cursing each other and there are enemies… there is something that is not right.

There is a very real danger of not saying things when we don’t know what to say or when we are in the middle of a conflict… there are times when we need to say things that we don’t say anything.

In wisdom there is not pride, arrogance or an evil way. No partiality or hypocrisy. We need to be speaking out of wisdom.

2 Corinthians 2:14 – We as followers of Christ can be apt to be upset or respond in a less than Christlike way. When the Christian is crushed we should be releasing the pleasant smell like that from the life of Christ.

Bridled horses are very useful. Ships, because of a little rudder can be used to travel the seas and carry large loads. The tongue too can be a very useful tool if it is used properly.