Why Doctrine Matters

2 Timothy 3:14-17

Doctrine isn’t something that we can just tailor to fit what we like. Doctrine is foundational, it is the basis for our view of scripture and our view of God.

Doctrine is a word that means “teaching.” The Bible refers to the teachings or doctrine of men, demons, and God.

Doctrine is teaching from God… about God… that directs us to the glory of God.

There are basically 7 great doctrines of the Bible. These are basic teachings of scripture that are profound and foundational.

  1. The doctrine of God – Theology
  2. The doctrine of Christ – Christology
  3. The doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Pneumatology
  4. The doctrine of Man – Anthropology
  5. The doctrine of Salvation – Soteriology
  6. The doctrine of the Church – Ecclesiology
  7. The doctrine of last things – Eschatology

Doctrine Speaks to Our Point of Need

All doctrine begins with God, but there was no need for doctrine until man sinned. God is meeting that need through his word.

Man is cut off from God. He needs to hear the doctrine of salvation. It is the only way to bridge the gap between God and man.

Exodus 19:1-19 – God wanted to impress his people with his holiness. This is what the doctrine of God is all about… God’s awesome holiness.

Man becomes his own point of reference.

Man suffers alienation from God. All humans experience this separation because of sin. The doctrine of salvation shows us how much God wants to bridge that gap.

Man searches for meaning.

Man marches inevitably towards death.

Doctrine is Communication from God

Doctrine is how God communicates to us about himself, holiness, sin, salvation, etc. We love God and want to know all about him. Like any good relationship the desire should be growing to get closer, to see more and more of what makes God who he is.

The doctrine of God is inexhaustible. There is no better pursuit than to know God better, to study what it is that God has revealed to us about himself.

The doctrine of salvation is communicated in two ways. First a proposition, what does it take to be saved? Secondly a person, when we look at salvation we are looking at Jesus. Jesus comes into our lives, impacts our lives and lives in us.

Doctrine Shapes our Spiritual Walk

The way we walk with God is shaped by the the way we understand God.

Biblical doctrine helps us to understand the world that we live in.

What we learn about God will affect the way we relate to Him. What does your God look like?

What we think about salvation will bring security or insecurity into our lives.

Our understanding of doctrine affects our worship of God.

Doctrine Provides a Basis for Faith

Romans 10 – Doctrine is the instrument of faith. It is the thing that we can use to understand what reality is. Sincerity doesn’t bring salvation, it is truth that sets us free. Our faith in the truth of God’s word should change our will.

Faith has three levels. Doctrine is the basis for all of these.

  • Knowing facts
  • Believing the facts
  • Commitment to the facts