Wisdom Age and Grace

It is a great comfort to know that Jesus loves us. Whether we are young or whether we are older folks.

Just as children are an important part of our church, so older folks are also a very important part of our churches and families.

Ecclesiastes 12:1-7 – Solomon is here describing an older person who is getting older. Often the sight grows dimmer, the body slows down, things are not nearly as easy as they were.

Very few people leave this earth like Moses did. As we age there are more physical limitations, but there is still usefulness.

Let us remember that we can learn from older folks. Yes it is true that older folks can learn from young people, however there is a special wisdom that comes with age that should not be ignored.

Titus 2:2-8 – The only way that younger folks learn from older folks is if they listen to and respect older folks. There are things that can be an inspiration to us and help us grow even if we don’t 100% agree with them.

Luke 2:25-38 – Simeon and Anna both aged, godly people who spent a lot of time in the temple. If we would have met these two folks we undoubtedly would have been impressed by their maturity, godliness, and the work that God was doing in them and through them. We should want to be these kind of older folks… this is something that starts a long time before we are considered “older folks.”

Job said, “my days are swifter than a runner!” Time passes swiftly. This is something that older folks will tell you. For younger folks its hard to imagine this being true, things like school, or simply growing up seem to take so long.

2 Samuel 17:27 – There is a lot that older folks can do. Perhaps it seems that they are doing less and less as they grow older. However things like prayer are great works that older folks have more time for and are often able to give themselves to more frequently.

Let us honor older folks, not to unduly raise them higher than we should, but to recognize where they’ve been and the blessing they are to us.

Psalm 71, Philippians 1:6, Isaiah 40, Psalm 92 – an encouragement for those who are older. God doesn’t give up on us as we grow older. Older folks will still bring forth fruit in their old age.