We help normal people learn to build better WordPress websites.

ImagineWP is a website built around a couple of core concepts.

  1. WordPress is a powerful open source tool, it is a good option for more than just your blog. You can run you blog on it, but you can also build your company website, build a store, sell a course, and do much more with it.
  2. Your company, business, (or just you!) needs a website. WordPress isn’t the easiest tool to build with, but it is powerful. Sometimes you just need a helping hand, that is what ImagineWP is here for.
  3. Everyone starts somewhere. The plan is to create content that is accessible to both beginners as well as people who have used WordPress for some time.

Content? Courses? Cost?

Is it free? A majority of the content here on the site will be free. From time to time I will release a course that goes through a specific scenario, works with a specific theme or plugin, or dives into the building of a custom plugin or theme, these courses will help offset the work that goes into the free content.

Don’t Miss Anything!

How can I know when new content is published? I’m glad you asked! You can sign up using the form right here to be notified when new content is published here on ImagineWP.