Tools I Use & Love

The following are tools that I use on my personal projects. Some of them may be affiliate links so I may get a percentage of the sale if you buy using my links.

Fathom Analytics

Run by two guys I really enjoy following across the internet, Paul Jarvis and Jack Ellis, Fathom Analytics is the analytics software I use when I need analytics for my site/app.

In their own words “Fathom is a simple and private website analytics platform that lets you focus on what’s important: your business.”

Check Out Fathom Analytics Here

I’ve been publishing podcast episodes since early 2011. Most of that time I was just hosting the files myself, but in the last year or so I’ve been following the work of Justin Jackson and when I heard that he was launching a podcast hosting service I was highly intrigued.

A few months later I was looking to start a podcast for my families farm and Transistor was the obvious choice. I currently have three podcasts (including one for NodleStudios) on the platform and couldn’t be more happy with the service.

Check Out Here


If you have a WordPress site that has a WooCommerce store on it you really owe it to yourself to take a look at what Checkout for WooCommerce is doing. Essentially it turns the checkout experience from something horrible to a clean, modern checkout experience.

In the interest of full disclosure, my friend Clif runs CheckoutWC, but it is a great product that I use any time a WordPress site I build or manage uses WooCommerce.

Check Out CheckoutWC Here


WP Sent Mail is one of the first plugins I install on any WordPress site I run. It gives me a great view into what emails WordPress is sending, what they look like, when they are being triggered, who they are being set to, etc.

WPSentMail has a wonderful “Airplane mode” that is great for local/staging sites, setting airplane mode makes so your WordPress site can’t send emails.

Full disclosure I actually work on and help with support for WPSentMail.

Check Out WPSentMail

WP Rocket

If you’re running a WordPress website on a host that doesn’t provide a good caching option you should definitely take a look at WP Rocket! It has been a great tool in my kit for a number of years now.

Check Out WP Rocket